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Greenbush Online Learning FAQs


Greenbush Online Learning FAQs

(Frequently Asked Questions)

Greenbush Online Learning's FAQs are provided to assist in some of the most commonly asked questions we've received since our inception in 1987.

Q. What is Greenbush Online Learning?

A: Greenbush Online Learning provides students with online high school courses by utilizing the unique capabilities and qualities of the World Wide Web. GBOL is an accredited distanced education program by AdvancedED.

Q. How are the Greenbush Online Learning courses different from other online courses?

A: Greenbush Online Learning courses are unique from other Web-based courses because of their interactivity and student-centered focus. All the tools and materials a student needs to take a course are contained within the course, with a few exceptions where a textbook may be needed.

Students are responsible for their own learning with guidance from the teacher.

Students make choices in the paths they take and select from many different learning activities and experiences. Students encounter increasing levels of complexity and sophistication within the course content so that they acquire an ever-widening understanding of the concepts being presented. The Online courses give students the opportunity to learn using a myriad of learning tools that are unique to Web-based distance education, including dynamic learning activities, student-selected learning paths, multimedia-reinforced learning, self-monitoring of progress and the ability to create multimedia portfolios, all in a seamless learning environment not bound by time or space.

Q. What computer skills do students need?

A: A basic understanding of computers as well as the Internet is helpful. Students should know how to use the keyboard, mouse, CD-ROM drive, how to point and click, and use pull-down menus. Experience with e-mail and browsers (Internet Explorer) is also helpful.

Q. What computer system configurations must a student have?

A: Students will need the following minimum configurations in order to take a course: Pentium running at least Windows 98 or Mac with System OS 9 or greater. VISTA users have had issues downloading required plugins and adjusting system settings for full use of the courseware. Direct network access or 56 Kbps modem with Internet access. AOL does not work properly with many of the courses offered. A workaround has been successfull with some users but GBOL cannot guarantee success.

8x or greater CD ROM

64 MB memory RAM

Hard drive with 40 mb space available

Color monitor (16 bit, 800 x 600 resolution - minimum)

Sound card/speakers

Keyboard and mouse

Internet Explorer 5.0+ or higher or Mozilla Firefox

MAC users will need to download Firefox. Safari does not work properly with many of the course providers.

Some additional program plugins may be required but are offered free of charge. A listing of software required for all courses can be found in the Plug-ins section of this site. Links to course-specific plugins if required are provided within each course.

Microphone for Conversational English or some Foreign Language courses

Q. What about Web security?

A: A username and password are required to access the courses.

Q. Who can take the courses?

A: These courses are open to any learner enrolled through a local school and who has access to a computer that meets the minimum configurations.

Q. Can students take a course from home?

A: Yes, if the student has access to the appropriate computer and Internet service, however, note that all quizzes and exams are password protected and should be taken in a proctored environment.

Q. What courses are currently available for enrollment?

A: Check out our online course catalog. Courses are available in many different subject areas.

Q. What type of students take online courses?

A: Online courses have been found to be a particularly valuable option for the following:

1) College bound students in need of advanced or specialized coursework;

2) Students who are homebound, have been suspended or expelled, or who are unable to attend school during traditional times;

3) Students wanting to improve their skills in specific subject areas;

4) Gifted or advanced students in need of expanded educational offerings;

5) Students in need of summer credit hours.

Q. What's included in the online courses?

A: Courses include video, audio, online quizzes and tests, and projects that students complete and upload or e-mail to the teacher. In most cases, quizzes provide immediate feedback. Students may have an online notebook that serves as their personal note taking space as well as the tool for submitting assignments. Links, notes, pictures, and other information can be stored in the notebook. Students can use their Greenbush Online Learning e-mail account to communicate with their teacher and other students taking the course. Links to the Web will provide additional information about a particular subject. Each course should include a course guide which includes information such as overview of the course, objectives, and how the course will be graded.

Q. What kind of technical support and training is provided?

A: Greenbush Online Learning will provide technical support to the online teacher, online students, and local school contact. Greenbush Online Learning will also provide informational sessions to high school counselors and administrators. Currently we have a section on our site called Technical Support with some helpful suggestions for some commonly known issues. In addition, if the situation calls for it, we also have a unique tool to connect and perform a web based meetings.

Q. Who facilitates each course?

A: Greenbush Online Learning employs full-time or part-time certified teachers to facilitate the courses. They work with students throughout the course and are available via e-mail, fax and phone (by request of the student) for students taking a course. The facilitators have received extensive training in web-based instruction. Online teachers are the "teacher of record" for participating schools.

Q. How do students register?

A: Click here to begin registration

Q. Who grants credit?

A: Local school districts grant the credit for each course as approved by their Board of Education.

Q. How long do students have to complete a course?

A: For all half or .05 credit courses, the course cost covers a period of six months from the date the enrollment is processed. For any full or 1.0 credit courses, students are given a full year to complete. Extensions for 1 month only are available to students for an additional cost of $65 per course.

Q. How do students get a username and password for the courses?

A: Once enrollment for the course is received, verified and processed, the student will receive an e-mail with their username and password so that they may begin the course.

Q. Are homeschoolers eligible to take these online courses?

A: Yes, homeschoolers can take individual courses on a fee basis. However, it is at the discretion of the local school district to grant credit. All students enrolling in the Online courses must work with a local school district.

Q. Are the State Assessments administered to students receiving online instruction?

A: Online courses provided through Greenbush Online Learning are not intended to be an alternative to enrollment in a local high school. Classes taken through Greenbush Online Learning are expanding curriculum and learning for students enrolled in participating school districts. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the local school district to administer appropriate state assessments as well as other norm referenced tests.

Q. Does Greenbush Online Learning offer a diploma program?

A: Although Greenbush Online Learning is accreditated to grant diplomas, we are not offering this service at this time.

Q. How do I contact Greenbush Online Learning?

A: Click here to access our contact information