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Contact Information

Greenbush Online Learning
P.O. Box 189
947 West 47th Highway
Girard, KS 66743

Technical Support

This Technical Support Page is provided to help assist or quickly reference some of the most common problems that students have experienced with Online Curriculum. If you have technical problems, please feel free to email us at krystal.fawl@greenbush.org

Problem: I am having problems getting my popup blockers off - what else can I do to get my page to load ?

Try This: Hold down on the control key on your keyboard to overwrite the popups. Sometimes these things are controlled by an Antivirus, Firewall, or browser-based program. If you can't figure out which one is controlling it, before clicking on the hyperlink (those blue, underlined words), hold down on the key marked "Ctrl" and then click on the hyperlink at the same time.

Problem: I am asked for a password when I try to take my exams or quizzes. My Password won't work, what am I doing wrong?

Try This: Get the password from your Proctor or person listed as your contact. If you're not sure who that is, contact Greenbush Online Learning here to get their information. Exams and quizzes are usually password protected so that the school can regulate how and when the student takes them. This gives the school some responsibility on behalf of the student since they are the ones granting the credit. The passwords are never the same as the student's individual password, so any attempts to gain access in that manner will return in error.

Problem: When I open up my .rtf or assignment, it refers to images or graphs that aren't there.

Try This: The solution is to try opening it up in a different program. Microsoft products like MS Word will open it just fine, and will be able to produce the images. Windows users also have a default Wordpad that is found under the START menu/Accessories directory. This too will open up RTF. If you are a MAC user, try using Works or Word to open these. If you continue to have problems, contact GBOL and we'll attempt to help you.

Problem: My computer is telling me that it is inhibiting popups. What does this mean?

Try This: Odds are you have a popup blocker or ad blocker turned on. These are more commonly found with the Yahoo or Google Menu bars that are sometimes downloaded with software or with messengers. In addition, many web-based programs like POPUP SWATTER, etc afix themselves to your browser. These need to be turned off and there is usually a means to do this from the menu bars. In addition, if you have Norton Internet Security, you may make sure that the Pop-up Blocker is turned off there and if you're running Norton Antivirus, you may need to turn off Script Blocking. In addition, WINDOWS XP Service Pack 2, equips Internet Explorer with a Popup Blocker under the Tools menu in the top Menu Bar. Might want to also check that as well. Please keep in mind, adding more Popup Blockers won't keep your computer safe from popups, you may want to get a spyware removal tool like Ad-Aware to help eliminate these pesky ads which may truly be Spyware.

NOTE: If you have one popup blocker on, that should be enough, so if you turn them all off and then only turn one of them back on after you're finished with your course, you should still be able to eliminate the ads from popping up. If that doesn't work, you can contact Tech Support at 800-231-3056.